All - Paragliding Launch Site

- Holiday Inn: (Basic)

This site is very sensitive as you must sign in before flying, and be registered with SAHPA to fly this site for insurance purposes, as there are a lot of lights and tourists around. No students may fly this site without their instructor. Clear take off area after take off unless you are the only one flying. Works on WSW to SW to S to SSE, from 18 to 27kph. Watch horizon for oncoming squalls. Basic pilots may not top land. Closed shoes.


- Kleinkrantz: (Training)

Excellent student and basic site. Car park or dunes good for take off.
Works when Holiday Inns to strong. Works between 26 to 30kph. At 25kph good place to fly to Paradise Ridge. Be careful, the wind does not come up and you get stuck down the ridge. A few have been blown over the back, but fortunately have landed safely. If you do get stuck, it is best to land at the end and walk out at the eastern end which is Swartvlei where there is a car park for easy retrieval. Secure sandals.


- Swartvlei: (Basic - 5 sign offs)

Opposite Pine Lake Marina Sedgefield. Sign in and pay min. All persons obey site board and drive slowly. Also a magnificent site. Turn left just before the owner's house and continue until you come to car park overlooking the sea. Fynbos reserve. No SMOKING, LITTERING OR FIRES. Works on light E to SE.From 9 to 22kph. Hugh lift band. Good for practicing your safety techniques, as it's almost impossible to drop out. Top landings reasonably easy, just don't go too far back on the ridge. Talk to the LOCALS, otherwise land near bathrooms at the beach.


- Sedge View: (Basic - Under Supervision)

Both excellent sites also reasonably sensitive. Drive slowly along the gravel road to the sites and obey the rules board. THERMIC with PREVAILING SW to S to SW winds. DANGER POWERLINES at Cloud Nine site. Big sink monsters, so break out and land before you get too low. Pilots have made it to the beach from take off.


- Paradise Ridge: (Basic - Under Supervision)


Wind Max 30kph. Works on S or SW winds when it is too light to fly anywhere else. From 16 to 18kph with a cliff take off. Basic pilots must have someone holding onto their chest strap. Top landing quite difficult. Beach landings can get back on top by pathway on the eastern side of take off. Magnificent flying from this site. Privately owned, so please do not litter or make fires or smoke. 4WD Vehicle needed or 500m walk from parking area.


- Map of Africa: (Basic)

This site is situated behind the Protea Hotel at the western end of the beach (up the heights road). It works on a SE wind between 16 & 27kph. Please obey the site rule board as the property owner is reasonably sensitive. " for further information please contact Jan Minnaar from Cloudbase Paragliding 082 777 8474".