The following was reported to us through a reliable source this week. We suggest that all dog owners take note of the following information:

There is a Dog Syndicate going around stealing dogs and shipping them off to Lesotho. They are operating between Knysna and George. There are two vehicles involved in the thefts and one was apparently spotted in Sedgefield recently..

Mercedes Benz Silver Kombi type vehicle and a white Golf,
The national syndicate is believed to be Chinese with the assistance of locals - probably doing the actual stealing.

Information received reflects that almost 2 dozen dogs were rescued from a house in George this week, apparently ready for transportation to Lesotho. All breeds are targeted.

Please be on the lookout for the above vehicles!!!

Remember that at any stage, if you have a missing dog, please call both
Knysna Animal Welfare (044 384 1603) & George SPCA (044) 878 1990/1993